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So it all started when I saw “digital photography” (at least it doesn’t say “for dummies”) at Costco.  You know, the evil thing about Costco, I mean, the good thing about Costco and my evil side, is that anything and everything is returnable.  So I bought the book and planned to read it and return it.

Costco struck back with a vengeance.  I began to realize the book is useless with my antique digital camera, apparently appropriately named “point-and-shoot”.  I cannot change shutter speed, aperture, and 20 other fancy paremeters on this camera.  So I had to buy a REAL digital camera, a dSLR i.e. digital-single-lens-reflex camera, from Costco.  I told myself I can return it later, maybe, although then the entire process becomes completely idiotic.  After consulting the hopeless photography fanatic friend Yi, I figured a $350 camera would not kill anyone, although it did kill my budget for this month.

So I decided to apply what I had read to some hands-on exercises.  Pulled Pancake’s chair out and started shooting anything across the street.  Actually, anything moving.  I am practicing changing shutter speed.  The amazing discovery I made from this exercise is that a car moves faster than a kid, and a kid moves faster than his grandma.  I have to make the shutter speed really fast to freeze a car.  In fact, perhaps San Marino police department can hire me to measure car speed in our residential zone.  I tried “panning”, which is when you move your camera so the moving car appears stationary, and the background is blurred to give a sense of motion.

The frustrating thing is, very few cars come down our block.  I tried to catch them but always heard it coming from the wrong side.  Also I wondered if some driver would jump out and yank on my throat to hand over the film (oh, disc).  As I was concentrating on my task, the mailman came and almost stepped on me.  He handed me the bundle of junk mail plus Nordstrom catalogue. 

If you are wondering how I can take a picture of myself holding the camera, I took it with the old sad camera on the even more unbelivably sad tripod courtesy of Liz.  Long story.  Gotta buy a real tripod.


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