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Some people go to a cruise just to eat.

It’s not a bad deal.  The last minute promotion price was $600 a person, that’s 5 nights of room and food, and it comes with a balcony.  Fellow cruisers told me the sorry room without a view (called “interior room”) cost $450.  I am sure it can get cheaper.

For this price, you get 24 hr buffet, room service, and 5 nights of sit-down dinner in the restaurant.  Plus there’s a “spa-cafe” that offers healthy selections; I found a lot more people at the buffet though, each body taking up 1 1/2 to 2 seats.  No wonder.

Hmmmm, English breakfast.  Not promising.  The bloody queer thing is…bangers?  Sausages are called BANGERS?  That’s a tad graphic.  Stations provide same foods for 5 days but people still crowd in.  Perhaps it’s more relaxing without the set tables.  Since rumor says in the morning they have Chinese porridge, I took one morning to check it out.

This turned out to be rather a pathetic item.  I got some plain porridge with tofu from the delightful Asian Delights section.  All I can say is I have to write a formal letter to the company stating that cooking edible Asian dishes should not be that formidable.  The Pad Thai I tried on my first day for lunch had a flavor no where near recognizable. Fare in the restaurant is more approachable.  However, I would try to ask for “flexible seating” next time.  Having to sit next to the same family for 5 nights runs conversation VERY dry.  The couple has two young kids, which is good, but the 7-yr-old drives me nuts.  On the menu the left side is SAME everyday.  The right side changes daily.  I would say the food is decent, but not fancy.  Did not bother taking a photo.


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