Shanghai bits (2)-靜安別墅 and nostalgic toys   Leave a comment

Today I was reading National Geographic’s Chinese Traveler issue and started dreaming about Patagonia.  JianAnApt is also featured in the magazine (and 1000 other similar tour guides apparently). 

The shop they recommend is 小雞啄米 with 2 photos.  Ha, I took my own pics too.  “Chicken loves rice” is this cute little wooden toy where you pull the string from below, and the chicks start pecking on drawn rice kernels in the middle.  I swear I never saw this when I grew up in Taiwan.

The next toy is “noisy pig”, I could not even figure out what it was.  The lady came and started spinning the little bamboo pig on the end of cord, and it started making a whistle noise.  Wow. 


The shop is so colorful.  It makes you smile.  Besides, no rip-offs.  I think the price is very reasonable. 










I then crashed into a tea parlor, where a bunch of people are having a meeting in the main room, but the “tea instructor” invited me to free tea.  I spent 2 hrs chatting with him about everything happening in China.  It was depressing to hear him tell the story where he went to help an elderly that fell, and then was accused of having caused the fall, and eventually paid 500 RMB (all he had) to “settle”.


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