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So I finally got my telephoto lens.  It’s heavy.  I happily put it in the camera bag, went out with my son, then–

No memory card.  Left it in the Mac.

Life has come down to resorting to an iPhone.  Well, it never hurts to experiment.  Besides, perhaps the pics will load faster since they are smaller.  Just forget IQ (image quality).

We have to do the obligatory Santa Monica Pier, of course.  Everything there makes me puke, but Dad insists he has been on too many times and sent me on this thing with Pancake.

Honestly, I was so scared he would fall out and become a real pancake.  I am usually not acrophobic but just don’t like ferris wheel.  Besides, he was squirming happily inside the “cup”.


Pretty good impression.


It took a lot of persuasion to get him in this thing.  
I wish he would be gutsy enough to screw himself in deeper(hmmm, that sounded a little…) and hold onto the rim.  Perhaps the canon would still shoot.


Onto Santa Monica Place–the first time I was here after the “renovation” I was impressed.  Today we found the Market opened a week ago and despite astronomical price, it’s a wonderful addition to the food deck.  Besides, you get 3 hr free parking and are free to run down to the beach,right to Promenade.  On this Memorial Friday the streets are packed with people.

You see, the price list = an icee $3.50, scoop of ice cream (well, gelato) $3.50, a plate of cheese and salami $12, a chocolate chip cookie $3, on and on.  At the chocolate shop the girl is busy dipping strawberries and madeleines in the chocolate fountain.  I drool over the madeleines, but $2.50 each.  Pancake has no concern for price though.  He has seen colorful macaroons on the Mac (ha) because some idiot decided to put an add on MSN so my hotmail page often shows these macaroons.  He doesn’t even know what they are but had to buy some.  $1.80 for one macaroon.  Thank God they did not have rainbow colors.  

all chocolate dipped


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